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Erymos: Shadows of Primar

Erymos is a land of great beauty and great danger; of dynamic kingdoms and ancient secrets.

The times before the Conflagration have long since faded away, leaving behind only ancient texts and the surviving lineages of the Four Kingdoms to bear their witness in the new age.

The magic of the land, once strictly controlled by the magister elite, has become wild and untamed in the absence of its ancient stewards. The spellscarred ruins of Primar are a constant reminder of the Erymos that was, of a Golden Age lost and a world forever changed.

Now, after hundreds of years, the demons that orchestrated that Conflagration have returned. No one knows their goals, or why they’ve chosen this time to break down the barriers between the planes. You and your band of unlikely heroes must brave untold dangers and impossible odds to unlock this mystery and save Erymos from certain peril.

Home Page

Erymos: Shadows of Primar (Feb/14 - Dec/14) brad_coffman brad_coffman